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  • Do you take consignment?
    Yes. Please send photos of what you would like to consign to for approval - please be sure to include the price you're looking to get for your items as well. Also, please note we are particular on which items we take in due to limited space in our store as well as if your item lines up with our brand values.
  • Are you still a consignment store?
    Yes, but we are very selective on the items we accept on consignment. We like to keep items in our store that are true to our brand values: handmade, sustainable, unique, vintage, authentic etc. So we take in less manufactured pieces and big furniture whenever possible. If you are looking to consign items with us please either call or email and we will let you know if it's something we'll take!
  • Do you ever put things on sale or do discounts?
    No, we do not mark down any of the items in our store. Just about 80% of our products are handmade by artisans all around the world, and those artisans put a lot of work into their craft - we want to keep their creations priced at their value!
  • How long have you been at this location?
    About 6 years. It was previously home to The Clayton Pharmacy - if you visit our store, you'll find the original safe found tucked in the back of the building during renovations AND the original terrazzo flooring!
  • Is everything that is handmade local?
    Not everything. Although we proudly support our local craftsmen, there are many small business all over the world that have made their way into our store - from as far as Seattle, Washington to Yorkshire, England - as well as Australia, India, Italy + more!
  • Was your store actually founded in 1973?
    No, that's just a fun detail Rabun included as "the year creativity was established"; it's actually the year she was born!
  • Do you have painting classes?
    Yes, we usually offer a painting class at least once a month - please visit our page "Take A Class" to see the upcoming events scheduled! We also offer private party classes of 6 or more people as well! Price is $55 per person.
  • What kind of creative classes do you offer?
    We proudly offer a wide variety of creative classes, ranging from painting, soap making, candle making, to charcuterie boards & cookie decorating! You can see an events calendar with all of the upcoming classes at our page "Take A Class"
  • Who is Rabun Martin?
    She is an impressionistic artist and the owner of Lulu & Tully's. She was born in Florida but was named after the county due to it having special meaning to her family. She has been painting for over four years now and uses a special technique on wooden canvas (built by her husband) using her fingers and a palette knife - she offers classes her at the creative studio in Lulu & Tully's and has painted nearly 300 commissions over the last few years. Stop in and meet her next time she's in the store, she'd love to say hi!
  • How long has Rabun been painting?
    A little over 7 years now.
  • Does the artist (Rabun Martin) take commissions?
    Yes! Please feel free to email her at & be sure to provide your name and phone number, as well as any reference photos you would like to include. To get an idea on her pricing for the size you're looking for please visit our page "Rabun Martin Art"!
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