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Rabun Martin is an impressionistic painter that resides in Rabun Gap, Georgia with her husband Ashley and their 4 children. Rabun graduated from the University of Georgia with an interior design degree. She paints with Acrylic on wood.


Rabun has been expressing her artistic creativity through interior design and entrepreneurship for over two decades.   Her work has been published in regional and international publications. Her design style is one of function and purpose, incorporating her client’s everyday life into a home that provides familiarity, comfort and beauty.  Her approach to painting is much the same. Drawing from the landscapes of the rural mountain valley of Rabun Gap Georgia, she enjoys capturing the scenes and simple, humble memories of the area and bringing those into a home.  

“My paintings are impressionistic and simplistic. My process is messy as is evident in my studio. Paint is everywhere.  My approach is to create layers of color and texture that give the viewer a place to let their eyes wander and explore all over the painting, discovering uniqueness in every nook.  I use acrylic paints applied with a palette knife, water bottles and my fingers. Mistakes are embraced and lead to unforeseen beauty. I use wooden boards my husband makes for me in our family’s furniture factory.  The wood holds up to the extreme layers of wet and dry paint much better than canvas. It suits my messiness much better!”

“My time painting is relaxing to me, filled with music, creativity and the possibility to share that enjoyment.  Painting is a renewing escape from work, I’m thrilled and humbled when others enjoy a piece too!”

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