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Finding Your Spot

March 18th, 2017 | by Rabun Martin

As a designer I am always creating spaces in homes for people. Dining rooms for people to enjoy a meal. Bedrooms for couples to rest. Kitchens for people to cook and make meals. Bathrooms for people to have a relaxing bath. I have even designed a home with a batting cage inside! But my hardest design job was for my own husband! We recently moved and he wanted to find his spot for the two hours he would spend each morning to drink coffee, read his bible, plan his day, and chat with me before our day got overwhelmed with work and our four children. I thought it can't be that hard to find one spot for my husband to sit! Wrong!!! Most men have a recliner facing the TV with their clicker in the pouch on the side of the chair! Not my husband. He has to be able to see the fire in the fireplace and feel it! See the sunrise over the mountain outside the window! Have an ottoman and prop up his feet! A table on the right to put his coffee! And in December he has to be able to see the Christmas tree! He has to have his spot! No problem! I am a professional! I went to UGA to get my design degree; this dawg has it covered!

I have to say this one really challenged me. The only reason I decided to take this client is because I live with him! And if Daddy ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! Am I right ladies!? Plus, I think he is really hot and he makes me laugh! So far after 3 weeks of moving chairs and rearranging furniture I finally got it right! He was extremely happy and our lives were back in order.

I am telling you this design story because I think we all need a spot. A spot that is just for you. It doesn't have to be a whole room, it just needs to be a place that you can get away and relax. A spot that you can get quiet and find yourself. A spot that maybe God can find you!

This week I challenge you to pick a room, pick a chair, find a closet, just find a spot that makes you happy! We all need a spot that is just ours! My prayer for you this week is that you find a spot and take a few minutes and just be still!


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