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Get on your knees!

I was blessed to have known Dr. Stanley and can’t even imagine the JOY he is having in his permanent home in heaven with our Lord!


Last week I shared that I needed a change! Well this week God reminded me that even though I am constantly changing, who I am inside and the God I worship and love doesn't. He is constant and never changes His love for me!

While I was in my 20’s and living in Atlanta, I was blessed with an amazing interior design job! Dr. Charles Stanley chose me to design his Atlanta home! He was one of the most encouraging and gracious clients I have ever worked with!

Though I was the designer, Dr. Stanley taught me a very important lesson about good design in your home...... I had installed beautiful Henredon Furniture in his bedroom and came back a few days later to add some more fancy touches in his room when I found an old tattered rug by the window. I immediately rolled it up and moved a few new things in it’s place. Later that day Dr. Stanley came home and asked where I had moved his rug. I thought it was strange to want that old thing! Then he explained to me that it was his prayer rug. In his new home he had found a peaceful spot by his window and that is where he had his quiet time and prayed!

His home had changed but his love and reverence for his Lord had not! As a young woman it was an image and a lesson I will never forgot! This big strong hero of mine got on his knees every morning and privately worshipped our God! Not just on tv or on his beautiful new bed set but on a tiny tattered rug, on the floor, on his knees! No wonder God had blessed this man! No wonder he used him! He was obedient and faithful! And lucky for me and millions of his viewers he has always shared his love for the Lord!

I bring this up because yesterday Dr. Stanley came to see me and my husband at the Factory/My Studio in Rabun Gap. Yes, things had changed! I was no longer young and I've had 4 children since I designed his home. He is an amazing 87 years old but he is still one of my heros!

So today, if you are lost and you wonder where God is... He is in your bedroom, on an old rug, waiting for you to join Him! In fact, he is anywhere and everywhere you need Him to be! He is just one cry, one whisper away! You just have to invite Him in! It is your choice, your free will to love Him or set Him aside. But I promise you, that if you invite God in, you will be blessed beyond your imagination!! If you don’t believe me just google Dr. Stanley and In Touch Ministry and you will see what one man can do on his knees with the power of Jesus Christ behind him!!

My prayer for you today is that as you change, you will never forget God’s love for you! That you are not too busy to miss the signs and sometimes the whispers of God telling you to move and trust Him!! So plain and simply get on your knees!

Jeremiah 31:3 “l have loved you with an everlasting love!”


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