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What are you PLANting?

By Rabun Martin | June 1st, 2022

The root word of planting is PLAN! Reap what you sow!

PLANting…..What are you planting?......Here at Lulu’s we are excited for Summer and we literally have PLANned and PLANted a garden at our factory (aka my art studio) with you in mind!

It all started last Summer when my husband grew some sunflowers for me. Every week I would bring in fresh flowers and it just changed the vibe of my little shop. It is amazing how a fresh bouquet of flowers makes you feel, even the dead/dried ones are gorgeous. So, this year we planned a huge variety of flowers, vegetables, and even fresh eggs that you will be able to purchase right at my store!

When I look at the word PLANting, it makes me think about roots, and you could say it’s root word if you removed the T, is PLAN!

When we PLANted our garden this year we intentionally planned it out. At Lulu’s we are constantly planning new things and coming up with new ideas. I literally planned a studio in Lulu’s so that we could inspire you to create. We don’t just want you to buy a piece of art from us, we want you to paint one. We don’t just want you to buy a charcuterie board but take a class and learn all the fun tricks to make you look like a professional hostess. We offer classes in soap making, candle making, floral arranging and so much more. If you would like a special private class, just ask, we will try to make it happen! We even have kits that you can take home and do on your own!

We also PLAN our displays so that they inspire you and get your creative juices flowing.

We don’t just line up our products, we present them, so you can see what pairs well together. We show you multiple uses for them. We want to inspire you when you stroll through our sweet little shop.

So, this Summer, start a new season in your life. Start planning. Start with a seed. Start dreaming. Start small. Start BIG. Just start PLANting something… even if it is just some sunflowers!


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