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Small business, but big to me!

April 6th, 2022 | by Rabun Martin

Small business...but big to me!!! I kinda think my small business is a Big Deal! Not just because it is mine but because it is filled with other small businesses. I have searched high and low curating my little shop. I have found over five dozen makers, that handmake so many of the items in my shop. At first glance everything is pretty but if you look a little deeper there is a little story behind each piece. There is heart and soul put into my products. From delightful hand thrown mugs by Claudia that are hand painted by her daughter Jennifer, to darling hand crocheted earrings made by my sister Siobhan.

Every piece is something I love, made by someone I love.

I mean how can you not be obsessed with our handmade clocks by Carol that are made from upcycled materials and our vintage soda can art made by Alan and his sweet daughters.These people have become my friends and we support each other. So, when you visit the shop, take a closer look. Get to know the makers, the artisans that are handmaking your items. Not only will you love their pieces, but you will also love their stories.

Their HandMade Tales.

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